Sunday, February 22, 2009

we lost....

Sunday, February 22, 2009
what can i say...luck is not ours tonight...the high-flying Gagak Hitam had been 'shot' down by the beginner 'hunter'...i must say that we should win the game...but we lost on penalties..sudden death penalties...emm..nvmd..i still believe that we are far stronger that them...that is clear..."WE ARE STRONG!!!!!!"


Anonymous said...

ya!!kita mmg patot boley menang pun..'hunter' tu aper la sgt kan..tembak pun just kena kaki jer..wat 'gagak hitam' kita injured..hahaha..KASKO!!TIME TO REVENGE!!

gugalopez said...

yeah!!...lets shout it out loud!!...GAGAK!!!...WE ARE STRONG!!!

Anonymous said...

Excuse is not an option.

How did GHfc turn up to be on the losing side?
The main reason is GHfc did not have a reliable cover for Halim. GHfc has many offensive player but you were overly-depending on Halim to marshal the defense. Your team should recruit a new player as a cover for Halim. In my opinion, Bro is a decent choice and good for the team. Did you realize that GHfc struggle without Halim? Yeah he is a tough nut and a game reader (if you want to call him so) even though he is not even near in his best form (lack match practice, I think). What I meant was GHfc need a defensive player!

GHfc; the winning team?
Din is an integral part of the team. I don’t think GHfc can go far without him. He is the playmaker. He is the synchronizer. GHfc started winning when he joined the team right?

And you!.. Ahmad Fitry. GHfc very own Messi. Why did you are so nervous out there? You are a good player, though. Remember, footballer is a thinker. Time to prove you’re worthy my dear.

gugalopez said... not past has gone already...i have nothing to prove...i just love the game and enjoy it...i dont have to show to everyone that im worth for the team...

and one more not a defensive player...but in this team i have to...thats why im not effective sometimes...

the only answer for our failure is...WE HAVEN'T PLAYED TOGETHER FOR A VERY LONG TIME...THATS WHY SOMETIMES WE LOOK LIKE CHICKEN RUNNING FOR THE BALL...and i regret bout it...there's no team effort to practice and play together can ask the captain though..hahahaha..

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