Sunday, March 29, 2009

the pesta konvo-monvo.....

Sunday, March 29, 2009
convocation festival or 'pesta konvo' is the most anticipating event in every semester...students love to go there...even every night...emmm i think it's ok..for the sake of getting some pleasure and fun..yeah..u know...what kind of entertainment could u expect in a learning institution like this?? when this kind of so-called 'festival' come across..sure students will be so excited about it...

but somehow...after i've gone through this event for the sixth time(since now i'm in my third year of studies)...the scenario never goes lame as ever...things that never been missed during this 'pesta konvo':

1. kedai kain
2.beca melaka
3.pertandingan nasyid
4.battle of the band...etc... you know what's my expectation???
---->>something like a fun fair or a theme park....having games and so on...and that will be very cool!!!...


Anonymous said...

jadi ajk konvo la lau camtu.haha..

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