Sunday, June 27, 2010


Sunday, June 27, 2010
Dari zaman bdk2 dlu...aku mmg minat Jerman...Semuanya sebab pengaruh bapak aku yang pernah 'bersahabat' baik dengan Der Kaiser, Franz Beckenbauer...haha..

I like the way they played....disciplined...mentally strong..never give up...and not to forget...they are the one who introduced the famous overlapping technique (just Google if you want to know more).

Yeahh...from Beckenbauer, Mueller, Hoeness, Voeller, Klinsmann, Matthaeus, Bierhoff, and the new generation of Klose, Lahm, Ozil, Adler, Metresacker, and others they just look stronger year by year...

For the English..please...Gerrard have 'suffered' a lot in recent years because of Lampard and the manager...
For once and for all in his career, don't let him do it all alone..if on paper they look formidable, it won't be the same if it continues like this...

Sorry England..i just see that you are going to lose this one...maybe next time when there is no Lampard and is like jinx for them to work together...I just can't argue more with Kaiser, the Germans are mentally stronger than the English...

p/s: i have a hunch...England will win if they put Joe Cole instead of Lampard...


Jimi Abdullah said...


5 spurs' player in the 1st eleven.sure england can beat germany.wanna bet?hahah

prank said...


confirm England 2 Germany 1
No doubt!

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